The Value of Small Data

small-data-infographic-featured-imageAlthough the value of big data is countless and endless as big data analysis is important to the modern research, the value of small data cannot be overlooked. Compared with big data, small data is more simple and stable because it does not need too much time to collect and analyze, so it also can be used in many areas.

Small data can be a document, a report, a time schedule or a note, it is more economical than big data because you do not need to pay for the expensive techonological system and it will also provide people with timely and significant information. For example, a cosmetic shop can collect their customer’s shopping records to analyze the popularity degree of each product and make an adjustment.

Big data smacks of the centralization fads we’ve seen in each computing era but small data in itself is enough for many problems and questions. Small data can be processed faster and efficient than big data as small data analysis is easier than that of big data, so small data can be applied in many areas. For example, small data can be used in healthcare, such as monitor health problems of patient and predict disease progression which can make contributions to medical science. Small data can also contribute a lot to human research and social development so long as it used in proper areas to realize its value.




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